Top 12 Holiday Décor Storage Hacks

The holidays are over, and now it’s time to put away all the decorations. But wait, there’s a problem. Nothing seems to fit how it did when you took it out of storage. You scratch your head and wonder how in the world did you get all this to fit last year. Sure you could run to the store and buy all those ridiculously expensive fancy storage containers. But, let’s be honest, you don’t want to spend money on that. So, then what do you do? Well, here are 12 holiday hacks that will help make your storage drama, a little less dramatic.

Hack #1: Apples to Ornaments.

More than likely you’ve been given or bought some form of fruit for the holidays. So, take one of those closeable plastic apple containers and use them for your round ornaments. It’s not only great for storage, but is eco-friendly as well!


Hack #2: Eggs-celent Little Ornament Storage

Same idea as the apple containers, use egg cartons for your smaller round ornaments. It keeps them protected and once again, is nature friendly.


Hack #3: Shoebox Savvy

Take all your leftover ribbon, bows, or tags and put them into a shoebox. It keeps it organized and ready to reuse for next year. Score!


Hack #4: That’s A Wrap

Who here hates untangling Christmas lights? Anybody? Ahh yes, everybody! So, do yourself a favor and wrap your lights around cardboard to keep from repeating history.


Hack #5: Wreaths On A Rack

Nothing is worse then when your beautiful wreaths get crumpled, mangled, or out of whack. So, instead of shoving them into a tub, to face their inevitable doom, try hanging them on a coat rack with hangers!


Hack #6: DIY Holiday Ornament Box

As we all know, ornament storage containers are expensive. So, how do we holiday crazed enthusiasts, who have a million decorations, get around this dilemma? Simple. We build our own! All you need is a plastic bin, red plastic cups, cardboard, and a glue gun. Just cut the cardboard to fit inside the plastic bin, glue the cups onto the board, and place your ornaments in the cup. It really is that easy.


Hack #7: Hang It Up

Are you one of those people who will buy a ton of wrapping paper because it’s cute and on sale? But then are left with rolls and rolls of it after the holidays? Yeah, we thought so. That’s why this hack will be perfect for you. Take a clear garment bag. Place your wrapping paper inside. And presto! It’s organized, will stay clean, and is waiting for you next year.


Hack #8: Rolling Wrapping Station

This one isn’t necessarily as much storage, as it is just plain awesome. What you do is take a basic kitchen stool. Turn it upside down and add caster wheels. Then tie on some fabric bags to hold your tape, bows, scissors, tags, etc., and place your wrapping paper between the legs. And what do you know; you have a rolling wrapping station! Merry Christmas.


Hack #9: Decorative Wall Rack

This is a fun, decorative way to store wrapping paper and ribbon. Either buy a decorative rack or find a DIY tutorial to make one yourself.  You may use Faux Brick Panels to make the most of out.Hang on your wall, and enjoy!


Hack #10: Bottled Bead Garland

Whether it’s form the holidays or Mardi Gras, you somehow also manage to be left with a ton of bead garland. A simple way of storing these bad boys is to put them in soda bottles. It’s perfect for saving space and entertaining the baby.


Hack #11: Easy Cart Storage

Repurpose a rolling cart to store you bows, tissue paper, and gift boxes. It’s a great space saver, and will help keep them from getting smashed during the yearlong wait.


Hack #12: Pretty Packaging

Who said trashcans just had to be for trash? Put your wrapping paper in a small trashcan to keep it from getting wrinkled or in the way. Is your trashcan just plain ugly? No problem, just take some spray paint and give it a fresh new look!


Holiday storage doesn’t need to be a pain. Follow these helpful hacks and make your post holiday packing a breeze!

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