6 Ways To Get Your Home Cozy On This Winter

Winter is a time for fun, laughter, family, snow, lights, and magic. Just think back on all those times as a kid when your mom or dad helped you get all bundled up in your snowsuit. You’d run outside charging headfirst in the snow, looking like a puffed marshmallow as you went. You’d throw snowballs, build a snowman, and make snow angels in soft white powdery snow. Then, when your Jack Frost would start to nip at your nose, you’d go inside to steaming cups of hot chocolate and a blanket. Yes, those were the days.

Now as adults, the cold and snow may not hold as much magic for us as they used too. But, whose too say it still can’t? What if, you were to trade in your puffy snowsuit for a nice soft blanket, and your snowballs for a good book by a fire? There are plenty of ways to make the magic of winter come alive again in your own home. In fact, we have six ways to cozy up your home and bring a little winter joy back into your life.


Surround Yourself In Softness

Blankets. Blankets in the winter are key. Especially those big, soft, fleece ones. During a cold winters night, there is nothing better than snuggling up in a nice warm blanket on your couch. Keep two or three in a cute decorative basket next in your living room. Or, use one as a casually placed throw over the sofa so it’s ready to use in a moments notice.

You could even go more luxurious with a sheepskin rug that is draped over a chair or couch. This fluffy friend helps bring feelings of warmth and coziness on even the drabbest days. Sheepskin also adds luxury making your living space inviting and alluring.

Add A Touch of Velvet

Velvet, like sheepskin, adds a touch of luxury and sophistication. Fabrics can add a lot feeling to the room. Having a material that was once reserved for loyalty can bring feelings of specialness and elegance. Plus, it helps add texture to a room. But, don’t feel like you have to splurge. Instead, just buy a velvet sofa or chair slipcover, and let this too be reserved for a special season.

Pillows, Pillows, and More Pillows

Pillows bring a comfort and nesting feel. When you let yourself fall back onto a bed or couch that is piled with pillows, you’ll instantly become surrounded in a cocoon of comfort. This is the perfect peak-me-up for any dreary winter day. Plus, the colors and patterns can reflect the season, and add a touch of cheer to any room in the house.


A Hot Beverage Station

If you have a special table for your booze, why not for your hot holiday drinks as well. Use a pretty tray and pull out your favorite mugs. Fill some jars with things like peppermint candy pieces, chocolate, mini marshmallows, biscotti, and cinnamon sticks. Boil some water and put it in an insulated teapot and serve it along side your jars with an assortment of teas, ciders, and hot chocolate mixes. There is no better way to bring on the warmth like a nice hot cup of cocoa like your mom used to make.

Candle Clusters

Candles invoke a sense of mystery, warmth, and romance all at the same time. Create multiple layers and heights by clustering candles of different sizes together. Once their lit, dim the lights and watch them dance around and illuminate the room in a magical glow. (Hint: if you have small children or pets in the house try using battery operated candles.)

Send in the Shag

Like velvet or sheepskin, a shag carpet can bring a sense of comfort and warmth just by laying it on a bare floor. Opt for soft, neutral colors to give it a more cloud like feel. Just don’t forget when vacuuming to turn off the roller, or you could wind up snagging your shag.


There is nothing like the magic of winter. And with these 6 tips, you can take your house from cold to cozy in no time.